Welcome to zSoft

The zetaSoft OS and utilities.
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Welcome to zSoft

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What is zSoft?

As I explain on the engineers@work website, it started life as a set of testing software to aid with the creation of the ZPU Evo(lution), which in turn came about because the Sharp MZ Series Emulator required an embedded I/O processor to provide a User Interface.

zSoft stood for 'zpu Software' but as it evolved to encompass the ARM Cortex-M4 K64F cpu produced by NXP, zpu Software didnt make sense! So as not to change reams of source, ancient Greece came to mind and I decided upon 'Zeta', the sixth letter in their alphabet.

zSoft is constantly being updated and no doubt there will be bugs and new requirements, so this section provides the means to raise bugs and new suggestions etc.